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Teacher's Appreciation

Thanks to Gina, one of our favorite clients, for this tip....

Monogrammed Wallpapers make great Teacher Appreciation Gifts!  

Whipped this one up for Brooklyn's teacher...Hope she loves it! 



Sweet Mention from Down Under!

Thank you to Forever Peaches for the Super Sweet Mention!

Vanessa was so fun to work with and I love it that she was so happy her her new wallpaper!!

You must visit her blog and while there... enjoy the amazing view from her picturesque studio and this lovely Palamo Picasso Post..... I think these would be great patterns for wallpapers.... ;)

 My best to Vanessa XOXO - Enjoy it!

See ya' soon!



What next...?

This new year, I made a pretty strong resolution.... just one....unfortunately for me, A LOT could fall under it, as my better half, N, keeps reminding me....ARGHGHG!

So what was it you ask?....Simply put.... 'to become a bad@ss' (censored for for young readers ;)...) ....yep. What was I thinking? I guess it was just time to do all of the things I wanted to. simple resolution has led to a lot of changes over here.

Physically ~ I started running again. How long has it been?...not since college...that was oh, well...13 years ago. With running came a commitment to a 10K, then a half marathon. Yes, I did that, no really...March 25, there I was with 14,000+ others.  Did I win? No. Did I finish fast? Not so fast. Did I finish? YES! And that is all that matters! ;)

Professionally ~ that brings us here... I relaunched McKinley Margo with an entire new product line~ Monogrammed Wallpaper for your iPhone or iPad...who'd have thought that a brainstorm on a snowy day could bring so many changes to my little company?!

So, what's next?..... Wall About You .... that's what!... Wall About You is an iPhone, iPod and iPad Application that allows you personalize your device with Monogrammed Wallpapers- Created by You!

Hopefully in a few weeks, everyone... well... everyone who wants to create super cute custom wallpapers for their iPhone, iPod or iPad.... will be able to purchase the little App that could and get designing!

In the meantime, over the next few days / weeks, I'll be sharing some of the project details with you, as well as some of my inspiration.



See ya' soon!