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Wall About You - Update on iTunes - New Art and Endless Font Colors

We are releasing the Wall About You App Update today!  There are now over 300 background and monogram shapes and with the change of adding the color wheel for font color selection - you can create millions of combinations!

Enjoy & thanks for all for the continued support!



P.S.- Couldn't leave without sharing some of our faves  ....


Wall About You - New Update NOW on iTunes!

YEAH!  Apple has approved the Wall About You update and you can now download it from iTunes!  This round, we have corrected some placement issues, bugs, and added tons of new art!  You will find 4 new monogram shapes in a rainbow of colors, as well as, over 25 new backgrounds, including a few new silhouettes.

Enjoy & thanks for all the input on the update!

Sneak peek some here....



"Wall About You" Update ~ Now on iTunes... New Art..New Monograms... 5G Ready!

Great news! The update was finally approved and is now avaliable in the App Store for download! 

From now on, you will no longer have to download the images after your install or update Wall About You.  All artwork will be included when you sync your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your computer!  The size of the app is large and a connection to your computer may be required, but no more downloading- YEAH! 

Additionally, for those of you lucky enough to have a new 5G, the app has been  updated to accomodate the super new screen size too!

Tons of new backgrounds and monogram shapes too... here are a few of the screen shots... and my new Wallpaper!

 Enjoy and thanks for all the support and patience!